• Debra Atlas: Imprint Mat reduces fatigue while standing

Debra Atlas: Imprint Mat reduces fatigue while standing

If you love to cook (like I do), those annoying aches and pains that come from standing too long are all too familiar. Other than putting up with them or taking anti-inflammatory medication, they've become one of those "facts of life."

The Imprint Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat turns that "fact" into a myth.

This stylish cushy floor mat conforms to your feet, supports your arches and reduces the fatigue and pain you get from standing on hard surfaces. This durable, stain-resistant mat is antimicrobial, resists scratches, absorbs noise and has a nonslip bottom to help keep it in place. It's even waterproof and washes easily with soap and water.

Another great aspect of these mats is that they're nontoxic, made without heavy chemicals, formaldehyde or phthalates, which can cause toxic emissions. This makes them safe for both young kids and pets.

This comfortable mat also passes federal 16CFR 1631 tests for the flammability of carpets or rugs. It also exceeds all U.S. and European safety standards.

I've been using the Imprint Comfort Mat for some time now. Around Christmas, I went into a local discount retailer to see whether I could find something similar to add to my kitchen, rather than risk the long delay of the holiday mail order conundrum. I did find a similar-looking mat but, when I examined the tag on it, I discovered that it was made with both formaldehyde and phthalates. Clearly the look-alike was only skin deep to what I had at home.

How this mat works is based around its proprietary "eco technology." Its multi-layer air cushioning system includes a soft upper layer and a firm cushy lower layer that helps reduce any fatigue, foot or back pain associated with standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time. That means fewer muscle strain or spasms from stand-up work.

All this makes it a perfect accent piece for any kitchen, garage, bathroom or laundry room.

There's an added benefit I recently discovered to having several of the Imprint mats.

My almost 16-year-old dog often has trouble standing on his back legs while eating. On a hunch, I put the Imprint mat in front of his food and water dishes. Now he can stand with comfort and almost rarely needs assistance to stand while he eats.

When I checked with a representative of the company, she said the company had heard similar stories from a number of its customers.

The Imprint Anti-fatigue Comfort Mats come in two patterns. The Basketweave is available in four colors — Cinnamon, Black, Mocha, Espresso. The Cobblestone mat comes in Espresso, Toffee Brown and a light-colored Metallic Taupe. All of them are available in four sizes: Standard, the Island area mat, the Runner length and the Island runner. All of them offer a seven-year warranty.

Prices range from $59.95 for the Standard mat to $129.99 for the Island Runner size. You'll find the Imprint Anti-fatigue Comfort Mat at Bed, Bath & Beyond. You can phone them directly at 800-655-6287 (800-655-MATS) or find them online on Amazon and at www.Imprintmats.com.


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