• Recommended by Devin Alexander

Recommended by Devin Alexander - Healthy Comfort-Food Chef And Author!

If you’ve ever hosted a dinner party, baked a few dozen cookies or even just spent a Saturday whipping up a fabulous meal, you know how exhausting it can be to stand on your feet for hours in the kitchen. Most kitchen floors are pretty hard on your feet, and all of that standing (and lifting and kneading and bending and…) takes a serious toll on your back.

I spend so much time in my kitchen creating and testing new recipes that backaches could be a serious occupational hazard for me! But that’s no longer a fear since I found these awesome Imprint Mats. They’re soft but not too squishy—kind of like those memory foam pillows—and they conform to the shape of your feet to support your arches and keep your legs and back from aching. I love them so much, after moving one around so much, I ended up lining my spacious kitchen with four island-sized runners. So I’m now covered at the sink washing dishes, in front of the stove and while I’m chopping vegetables. 

Now that I’m living with them, I can’t imagine living without them! I’m telling you, these things are lifesavers for me and my whole culinary team. No more stiff legs, aching feet or sore backs in the kitchen. Now if only someone could come up with an invention to make the dishes do themselves. 

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