Cumulus9 Multi-core Technology

Preferred Over the Leading Gel Mat 

Consumer Preferred
In a nationwide independent qualitative and quantitative study, Imprint® Comfort Mats were preferred over the leading gel mat in six out of six categories.  The study included consumer participants in four states who were asked to choose their preferred mat based comfort, appearance, quality, surface design and weight. (1)

University Tested
Imprint Comfort Mats are the only anti-fatigue mats tested and proven to significantly reduce overall fatigue and discomfort — by up to 60%. In a 2010 study by a major University School of Ergonomics, individuals experienced a 56% reduction in overall fatigue; lower leg fatigue was reduced by 63%; and back pain was reduced by 51% compared to standing on the floor. (2)

Environmentally Friendly
Imprint® Cumulus9 Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mats are manufactured using our proprietary eco9 technology that is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and is manufactured without the use of toxic, heavy metals.

(1) 2011, Nationwide Independent Study.
(2) 2010, Center for Ergonomics University study of Imprint Comfort Mats.

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