• Fast Shipping Guarantee
The Imprint® Comfort Mats Fast Shipping Guarantee

99.9% of all orders ship out within one business day! In fact, over 95% of orders placed Monday-Friday before 1pm EST ship the same day.

These are not just pretty words. We stand behind this commitment with our Imprint® Comfort Mats Fast Shipping Guarantee.

Here's the guarantee

If we don't ship out within two business days, we will give you 5% off your order.

How it works:

Simple. When your order ships, you will receive an email confirmation with your tracking code.

If you haven't received this confirmation within two business days of placing your order and if it can’t be shown on the shipping carrier’s website (Fed Ex) that your order shipped within one business day, email wecare@imprintmats.com and request your 5% discount.

We will then refund you 5% of the purchase price of the product you ordered.


What's a business day? We define a business day as 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday. Business days exclude official US holidays (e.g. Christmas, Labor Day, Memorial Day) and the days before or after the US Holiday. We do this because the holidays are often observed on the day before or after the holiday in addition to the holiday itself. 

The 5% refund applies to the products themselves, not any shipping costs.

If the item you order is out of stock, back-ordered, or pre-ordered, the Guarantee does not apply. However, if the item is not marked as out of stock or on pre-order, you will receive an email within one business day that the product is out of stock. You will be given the option to cancel the order, substitute for other products, or wait for your products to come back in stock.

The guarantee does not apply in circumstances that are beyond the control of Sublime Marketing Group LLC, including but not limited to delays by third parties that affect our ability to process orders (e.g. Fed Ex not making a scheduled pick up, which has never happened) or extraordinary events at Sublime  (e.g., a flood which has also thankfully never happened).

The guarantee does not apply if we have to contact you regarding payment verification which will delay order processing. We may, for example, have to contact you via email or phone if the billing and shipping addresses do not match.
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