Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Workplace or Workspace

Available May 1st, 2012. Try the CumulusPRO™ with its proprietary Cushion-Core™ Technology. You’ll be amazed by how it reduces fatigue and the dull ache that comes from standing on hard surfaces. The advantage is in its solid, one-piece polyurethane construction. It stands up to the heavy-duty demands of the home or workplace with a high-density core guaranteed not to lose support over time. 

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  • Guaranteed to last. Durable construction combines with a resilient surface for longer life and fewer replacements. We’re so confident we back it with a 10-year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Safe at home or work. Beveled edges, a non-slip bottom and solid one-piece, 100% polyurethane construction work together to reduce trip and slip hazards.
  • Eco friendly. CumulusPRO is manufactured without formaldehyde or toxic, heavy metals. Unlike PVC products, they’re also free from noxious smells or chemical leaching.
  • Pattern
  • Color
CumulusPRO 20x32 Black
20x32 - Small Area