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OUR GUARANTEE: If you don’t love your new Imprint® Comfort Mat exchange or return it without question. Whenever.

FAST SHIPPING: All orders ship via UPS within 2 business days. Guaranteed. Flat rate shipping rate applies to Continental U.S. States (excl. Alaska & Hawaii).


Questions? Try FAQ, Returns or Warranty.


Shipping & Returns

OUR GUARANTEE: If you don’t love your new Imprint® Comfort Mat exchange or return it without question. Whenever.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: All Imprint Comfort Mats come with a 100% unconditional lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Quick, Easy, Hassle-Free Returns & Exchanges

We always strive to exceed your expectations and want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, please contact us at wecare@imprintmats.com and we will ensure we accommodate your request!

This return policy applies to purchases made on imprintmats.com only. For product returns purchased elsewhere, please contact the merchant directly to process your return. If the return is defective and is a warranty related issue or a mis-shipment, please contact wecare@imprintmats.com or call customer service 800-655-6287. For all other returns the customer is responsible for the shipping costs associated with the return at a flat rate of $10 for up to 2 pcs.


Incorrect Product Shipping

If you received a product other than what you ordered, we will gladly exchange that product for the correct item. Please contact our customer care department via email and we will expedite the correct item to ship immediately. We will email you a prepaid shipping label for a hassle free return.

Return Guidelines

When returning any item for any reason, please email us  for a return authorization number before returning any products. You can also contact us toll free at 1.888.202.3528. No refunds or exchanges can be issued if a product is returned without authorization. The return window begins when the customer successfully receives the product. There is no time limit to when a customer can return an item.

Download Return Authorization Form

Customers who qualify for refunds will receive the refund on the original form of payment.

Return Packing Instructions

The comfort mat must be rolled and/or packaged in the same manner in which it was received. If your comfort mat was shipped in a rolled format, please be sure to roll the mat for repacking. The mat must be wrapped around the cardboard tube with the top surface design pattern facing out or the mat will become permanently damaged. This packing instruction safeguards your exchange or refund, which could otherwise result in your return being refused.

International Orders

For all International Orders please call us toll free at 1.888.202.3528. We do ship internationally but take these orders over the phone to ensure that our customers receive an accurate shipping rate estimate.

Important Notes:

• Any orders shipped from the United States may be subject to import customs duties, taxes and brokerage fees and the recipient (customer) could be responsible and legally obliged to pay any and all import duties, taxes and/or brokerage charges that are incurred on the package you receive. It is your full responsibility to verify the customs, duties charges and procedures prior to placing your order.  See each Country listing below for details.

• Acceptance of a package and refusal to make payments on any levied duties, taxes and/or customs charges may result in Customs & Excise contacting Imprint Comfort Mats. To comply with customs regulations, we will charge your credit card accordingly for the outstanding payments plus any interest or penalty that may apply.

• When using your credit card, please note that you will be billed in USD Currency and your credit card company will bill you with your local currency at the current exchange rate.


Any orders to Canada from the USA will include charges for customs duties, GST, PST and brokerage fees paid by the recipient (customer). Please allow 2-3 additional days for your order to clear customs and for local delivery. *Please note that possible delay may occur while your package is being processed through customs in Canada, as we have no control on clearance schedules.

Your order will be charged the following fees which are added and included in the order amount:

• GST (Goods and Services Tax) • PST (Provincial Sales Tax) • Customs Duty • Brokerage Fees/Surcharge

European Union Countries:

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Any orders shipped from the U.S.A. are subject to import customs duties, taxes and brokerage fees which are payable by the recipient (customer) on delivery. Unfortunately, we cannot determine in advance what these charges will be as they are established by your countries customs and excise board. Customs duty on imports into international destinations are determined by the value (purchase price) of the merchandise and it’s import tax classification and could be as high as 30% of the total invoice value.

Most goods arriving in Europe or the UK from outside of the EU are subject to any or all of the following imports charges:

• Customs Duty (Import duty) • Excise Duty • Import VAT (Value Added Tax) • Brokerage Fees/ Processing Surcharge


Generally speaking, goods imported into Australia for personal use are exempt from import duty if the declared value is less than $1000 (there are exceptions). For goods worth more than $1000 you may be required to pay Duty and/or GST. For more information, refer to the Australian Customs website at www.customs.gov.au. You will be responsible for all local (Australian) fees, charges, duties or taxes applied on receipt of the articles.


Goods imported into Japan are subject to Customs duty and consumption tax. Simplified and Combined Schedule Applicable to Imported Personal Effects:  With regard to personal effects, the Customs Tariff Law provides for considerably simplified classification, and the schedule of Customs duty, consumption tax, and other internal taxes is laid down in a combined form.

New Zealand:

You may have to pay Customs charges and/or GST on top of the advertised purchase price when the goods arrive in New Zealand. The Government does not currently collect GST on lower value goods for practical reasons and a 2011 review found it was not cost effective to collect GST and Customs duty (where applicable) if the amount totals less than $60.  For more info please visit http://www.customs.govt.nz/features/internetshopping/Pages/default.aspx.